Vampire Bat

Bats or Vampire Bats are on 4 different episodes, and are #6 on Gluttons, #5 on Biters, #3 on Monster Myths, #7 on Bloodsuckers. Vampire bats can drink their own body weight in blood. That is like a human drinking a bath tub full of blood. They also use razor sharp teeth to bite hard on their victims. However, blood is mostly made out of plasma, which is not very nutrition, and takes up a lot of room in the bats stomach. So almost as soon as bats start eating, they start urinating. This is their way of getting rid of excess waste, so they can fly off the ground.

  • If following the countdown for extreme Gluttons, the next contender is another terrifying man-eater with a capacity to swallow anything, including small children and antelope.
  • If following the countdown for extreme Biters, here is a link for the next contender.
  • If following the countdown of extreme Monster Myths, the next contender is a monster that's been bitten by a lot of bad press just like the bat.
  • If following the countdown of extreme Bloodsuckers, here is the link to the next contender, which causes one of the largest migrations on Earth.
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