Stinkers is the eighth episode of season two

  • Number 10 Dog - can roll over in anything that stinks and sticks its nose in another's butt and can even leave a urinal message on a tree
  • Number 9 Vulture - they urine on their feet as a cooling fluid for their feet because they don't sweat
  • Number 8 Hippopotamus - use dung showering to show other males who is boss and deposits pre-digested food back in the river for fish to eat
  • Number 7 Hooker's Sea Lion - it has extreme halitosis thanks to its diet of fish and throw up to get rid of in-digestive leftovers
  • Number 6 Hyena - mark their territory by covering their landscape in paste and produce hyena butter that reeks for 30 days for hyenas to receive the information
  • Number 5 Muskox - douse themselves with urine to try to make the biggest stink; Strongest can make your eyes water
  • Number 4 Elephant - for one month every year, the bull really stinks thanks to a gland that dribbles out must when it's testosterone levels skyrocket
  • Number 3 Millipede - a startled millipede can produce hydrogen cyanide that can kill animals the size of mice; Makes such a lethal stink
  • Number 2 Giant Petrel - will eat anything rotten and will hurl a disgusting vomit that is so acidic that it eats through feathers
  • Number 1 Skunk - has two walnut sized scent glands in its rear end that fires spray that stick to you and make you stink for days