Smarts AKA Thinkers is the twelfth episode of season one

  • Number 10 Dog: smart enough to be man's best golf buddy; Has creative intelligence
  • Number 9 Bee: they invented a way to talk to each other about food: dance
  • Number 8 Pig: concentrate on finding food and staying out of trouble with help from their sharp reflexes
  • Number 7 Horse: smarter than we think they are
  • Number 6 Snow Monkey: a snow monkey followed the humans in the hot tub and joined them and now the whole species goes to the hot tub with the case of "monkey see, monkey do"; They can occasionally come up with conceptual, amazing leaps
  • Number 5 Crow: smart enough to use our technology to crack some tricky problems and clever enough to drop its dinner on a crosswalk
  • Number 4 Octopus: every tentacle has a suction cup that can taste and touch and collect data; It's central nervous is so big and complicated that it rivals many birds and fish; one of the fastest learners in the world because it has to be
  • Number 3 Dolphin: uses ultrasonic noises to hunt and people have been depending on it for centuries
  • Number 2 Chimpanzee: somewhat has the same smarts as we do and becomes more aware of its environment in six months; Produce over 20 different tools
  • Number 1 Parrot: all thanks to its playful curiosity even though it has a brain of a walnut, it can have the same smarts as a six year old