Predators is the seventh episode of season two

  • Number 10 Crocodile - Can spend up to a month waiting and watching for prey and can survive a whole year on just one big dinner like gazelles, wildebeest, zebras, buffaloes, bats, and birds
  • Number 9 Archerfish - It can squirt a jet of water more than eight times its own body length
  • Number 8 Polar Bear - Can sniff out a seal over thirty kilometers away and use its paw it get it out and can go for weeks without making a kill
  • Number 7 Spider - Uses it's silk as a tool to trap insects like flies
  • Number 6 Snake - It is a predator with highly sophisticated sensory equipment (its tongue, unblinking eyes and infared sensors in its pits), and takes many days to digest a meal
  • Number 5 Electric Eel - It uses electricity to navigate and locate fish and also uses it as a defence
  • Number 4 Shark - Other than its jaws and teeth, the shark can swim fast and has an array of super senses and can go for weeks without making a kill
  • Number 3 Wolf - Work as a team to take down a victim
  • Number 2 Orca - Works in a pack and can kill anything in the sea; not even seals on land are safe from the orca's jaws
  • Number 1 Shrew - Have to consume at least their own body weight in fuel each day to fuel their fast metabolism and survive from predators