Number 10 Frigatebird: use their hooked beaks to snag fish out of the water; some young frigate birds turn to piracy when learning how to become a skilled hunter; expert at mid-air muggings and won't let go until it's victim coughs up; only a small percent of frigate birds that learn how to become pirates; will target boobies for their lunch and their sticks for their nests; only a part-time pirate

Number 9 Dung Beetle: it will take any opportunity to try to steal someone else's treasure; dung ball can be raided by many species of dung beetle; only part-time thieves but hurry to bury their smelly treasure to avoid the constant threat of attack; bury nearly a ton of dung per hector per year

Number 8 Squirrel: will quickly bury the nut when it is alone and change their behavior if they know they are being watched by pretending to bury the nut; tactical thinking: good at fooling others

Number 7 Argyrodes: it starts by plucking another spider's web like a fiddle to locate the fly the host spider caught and prepared for dinner; then attaches it's own silk ropes to the prize and cuts the fly free and sails away to safety; can steal things 30 times it's own size; leaves no evidence of it's raid

Number 6 Kea: to survive, it has developed a taste for flesh; armed with intelligence and cutlass like beak, it rips open the nests of other birds for egg yolks; raids the sheep for the layers of fat surrounding it's kidneys that provides enough energy for the winter but could result in blood poisoning and death; can also attack campsites

Number 5 Hyena: it is supposed to be happier stealing food from someone else; most misunderstood animal pirate; hunt more than they scavenge; dominant predator in Africa

Number 4 Baboon: they will go to extreme lengths to find human food; practically our fault that the baboons are pirates; they expect any human to feed them; lured into a life of crime

Number 3 Saber-toothed Blenny: acts and looks like a cleaner fish but has sharp teeth; flies under false colors so it can sidle up close to an unexpected victim and attacks leaving the victim with a hole in it's body and traumatized; relies on disguise to make hit and run raids on victims

Number 2 Assassin Bug: completely covers itself in termite plaster to avoid detection; when it attacks, it uses it's beak like a hypodermic needle to suck the life out of it's victim; sails under false colors and keeps hold of it's victims and uses it as bait to lure others into striking distance; can lure up to 30 termites in a row to a horrible death

Number 1 Amazon Ant: use their jaws like swords, piercing their jaws of the ants fighting against them and move underground in search of more fer mica ants and their cocoons then head back to their nests to use them as slaves; depend on slaves for their very survival; only use jaws for killing and kidnapping; don't even have to guard their slaves