Oddities is the thirteenth episode of season two

  • 10. Tobuscus Monkey , they have really big noses, that they use to attract females
  • 9. Stock Eyed Fly , males have eyes way out on stocks, that they use to fight other males to attract females
  • 8. Sloth, it has algee and moths living on it's fur, and does everything up side down
  • 7. Flying Fish , they can glide up to 200 meters thinks to wings on the fish
  • 6. Cassowary, they are big flightless birds that are related to Emu's
  • 5. Horseshoe Crab , they are more closely related to spiders than crabs, and are still a mystery to scienetists
  • 4. Titicaca Frog/Hairy Frog, Titicaca frog's have folds under their skin that allows them to get more oxygen, and breath way above sea level, hairy frogs have hair on their skins
  • 3. Aye-Aye, they are primates that have the head of a rodent, ears of a fox, tail of a squirrel, hands of a witch, and body of a monkey. For a long time, we thought they were a species of squirrel.
  • 2. Platypus, they are just biologically bizarre, having fur like a mammal, but laying eggs like a bird
  • 1. Anglerfish, the male who is 40 times smaller than the female will swim up and bite on to her, and then after some time, become a lump that is attached to the female forever