Octopus are on 4 different episodes, and are #4 on Smarts, #2 on Moms, #6 on Tough Babies, #3 on, and #9 on Transformers. According to the episode Thinkers, their brain is so big and so complex, that it rivals that of most birds and fish. Its 8 arms are filled with nerve cells that can teach the Octopus, about it's environment., and they are incredibly fast learners. Its entire life is dedicated to learning, as everything they learn is entire self taught. This is because the mom spends her entire time from the moment she lays the eggs to the moment they hatch guarding them from predators. She doesn't leave her post ever to eat anything. This is because she doesn't want predators eating her eggs. However though, by the time her eggs hatch the mother has lost all her energy and dies. This is why they are ranked high on the episode Moms, and also why they are also on Tough Babies, as they have to defend for themselves. Octopuses also can manipulate their bodies, and can control the size, shape, color and texture of their bodies to blend in to any surface to avoid predators like sharks, putting them on the episode Transformers.

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