Moms is the first episode of season two

  • Number 10 Elephant - no other land animal gives birth to a bigger baby; Gives birth to a 90 kg baby, 2.5% of her body weight; Herd is made up of a grandmother, daughters, and granddaughters
  • Number 9 Koala - will go to extreme lengths to look after her baby; Her extreme digestion safeguards her baby because they pass on bacteria for eucalyptus by making droppings for the baby to eat
  • Number 8 Alligator - she carefully carries her babies to safety in her armor plated mouth
  • Number 7 Polar Bear - has to find enough food to nearly double her weight and won't wake up for anything in hibernation
  • Number 6 Cheetah - one of the hardest working moms because she has six hungry mouths to feed so she needs to hunt every day; For almost two years, she will have to put up with awkward teenagers that are either lazy or determined to help her in the hunt
  • Number 5 Orangutan - builds a new home every single night leading up to 30,000 homes in the course of her life
  • Number 4 Red-Knobbed Hornbill - spends two months imprisoned in her nest in a hollow tree; Seals herself and her children with a material made from her own droppings
  • Number 3 Elephant Seal - needs to put on a kilo a day to get enough blubber to play the part of a mother to her child and loses a third of that when she gives birth
  • Number 2 Octopus - has to completely stay in her house to protect 50,000 children before they hatch but sacrifices her strength to protect them
  • Number 1 Sea Louse - dozens of her babies eat her from the inside out and dies as her bodies splits apart