Jumpers is the 1st episode and the first season of The Most Extreme.



  • Number 10 Rabbit - have incredibly powerful back legs that act like coiled springs that let it jump at 5.80 meters (10 times its body weight)
  • Number 9 Jumping Bean Moth - throw itself around inside the shell to get the bean on the move to avoid the heat
  • Number 8 Bharal - they have to be extraordinary rock hoppers to survive their mountain homes
  • Number 7 Locust - hind legs can kick them over 1 meter (20 times their own body weight) because of the massive thigh muscles and elastic knees
  • Number 6 Kangaroo - travels twice the speed of the world's fastest sprinters; the faster it travels, the less energy it uses and the further it jumps, the more energy it is able to store in the tendons
  • Number 5 Kangaroo Rat - its back legs can carry it in a single bound of 4.50 meters (45 times its body length)
  • Number 4 Klipspringer - can leap at 7.60 meters (15 times its own height) thanks to its amazing toes as built in pogo sticks
  • Number 3 Jumping Spider - its eight legs can push it 2.00 meters (100 times its own body length) and don't have to worry about missing or crashing
  • Number 2 Frog - its long, long legs have a trigger mechanism that allows the muscles to stretch the tendons, store the energy and release it in a leap; Flying frogs can glide more than 15 meters between trees
  • Number 1 Flea - it may leap up to 30 centimeters and can jump up more than 150 times its own height by storing its energy in a pad with resilin, winding it up, then pulls the trigger and releases the energy making it jump away

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