Greenland Shark

Greenland Sharks are on 2 different episodes, and are #6 on Super Sharks, and #1 on Odd Couples, (paired with Copepod). They live in the waters of the arctic, the last place you expect to find a shark. They can catch fast moving fish, even though most of them are blind. This is because they have a parasite scraping away at the corner of their eye. However, this doesn't effect them as much as it effects most animals. This is because they have an amazing sense o smell. As a matter of fact, the parasite helps them. Because the parasite looks so much like a worm, it lures in fish. The Greenland shark, then eats the fish. It lost its sight, but gained a fishing lure, and in the freezing waters of the arctic, where food is scarce, that may be more important.

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