Gluttons is the second episode of season one

  • Number 10 Tiger Shark - it can take a bite out of anything that gets in its way and can get rid of an upset stomach by hurling chunks
  • Number 9 Pig - despite its greedy reputation, it has a very small stomach
  • Number 8 Vulture - can eat up to 20% of their body weight fast; Their preferred happy meal is anything dead, rotten, and decaying thanks to their cast iron stomachs.
  • Number 7 Tasmanian Devil - its quantity makes it an extreme glutton and they like to eat fast like vultures; Can swallow up to 40% of their body weight in 30 minutes
  • Number 6 Vampire Bat - Can swallow up to five teaspoons of blood; They are also urinate when they drink to get rid of excess weight
  • Number 5 Python - can easily swallow things larger than its head but has a really slow digestive system
  • Number 4 Argentine Wide-Mouthed Frog - will eat anything that moves but don't stop stuffing themselves until they rip their stomach open, not even letting go.
  • Number 3 Hummingbird - has to refuel every ten minutes because it uses an incredible amount of energy
  • Number 2 Whale - has an appetite that matches its body; can eat nearly 40 million krill in a single day; Also go on the ultimate crash diet
  • Number 1 Caterpillar - half a kilo of caterpillars would chew their way through 12 tons of mulberry leave