Global Conquerors is the fifteenth episode of season three

  • Number 10 Brown Tree Snake - managed to slide into 10 other countries from Indonesia by stowing away on Navy cargo ships; In just a few years, it exterminated 10 of 13 native species of bird, 2 of the 3 mammals, and 9 of 12 lizards all on its island
  • Number 9 Monk Parakeet - spread from its home in South America and is now found in 17 countries across the Northern Hemisphere by being imported then escaping the pet life and is population is doubling every five years
  • Number 8 Argentine Ant - spread from Argentina and conquered 21 other countries
  • Number 7 Killer Bee - invaded 25 countries; They were transported to Brazil but were accidentally released into the wild
  • Number 6 Rabbit - leaped out of its home in Spain to invade 29 other countries; hitched a ride with English travelers and were released to make the travelers feel at home; Made 1/8 of the mammals in Australia extinct
  • Number 5 Tiger Mosquito - originally found in Indian ocean bound countries but invaded 36 other countries; Larva hides in imported ties
  • Number 4 Cane Toad - Originally found in South America but brought in to fight scarab beetles in Australia by train; hopped around the Pacific and set up home in at least 39 countries
  • Number 3 House Cat - made the world its home since Ancient Egypt; Most widespread terrestrial carnivore on the planet because we love them; Has no problem finding food and multiplying quickly
  • Number 2 Rat - conquered the globe and terrified humans for centuries; Originated in Asia but hid with us in the holds of our ships; Will eat anything; Responsible for 60% of the world's bird and reptile extinctions; Caused the bubonic plaque thanks to the fleas that hitched a ride on them
  • Number 1 Cockroach - followed humans since the dawn of history; No other animal is better at getting under our feet; They hitched a ride on trading vessels to the new lands but originated from Tropical Africa and Ethiopia; Will eat almost anything, reproduce quickly and one female is pregnant for the rest of her life; It is also a great survivor of nuclear holocausts