Fighters is the seventh episode of season one

  • Number 10 Lion - for thousands of years, it was a worthy foe for the strongest fighters in history, and although they are great fighters, they can sleep up to 20 hours a day
  • Number 9 Bombardier Beetle - can fire boiling hot toxic chemicals from its backside to ward off predators
  • Number 8 Elephant Seal - males have to fight the beach master for a chance to mate with one of girls by pushing and shoving
  • Number 5 Muskox - underneath that shaggy fur is an extreme headbanger that collide with other males
  • Number 4 Ring-tailed Lemur - when it comes to fighting, it really stinks by using stench warfare
  • Number 2 Betta - if you put two males in the same tank, they use their teeth to rip each other to shreds
  • Number 1 Ant - when they go to war, nothing can stand in their way and make the ultimate sacrifice to protect their colony