Defenders is the twelfth episode of season two

  • Number 10 Armadillo: despite it's bony-armored plating, there's a chink: It can't protect against cars
  • Number 9 Moth Butterfly: It can bulldoze its way through an ant's nest in complete safety thanks to its armored back
  • Number 8 Turtle: has an armored shell that is made up of 50 fused bones attached to its ribs and spine that it can hide into for defense at the first sign of danger
  • Number 7 Tomato Frog: it''s one tomato that is really hard to swallow; It can defend itself by inflating its body to bluff out of danger and secretes glue from under its skin to stick a snake's jaws together for a few days
  • Number 6 Horned Lizard: when it increases its blood pressure in its sinuses, they burst, jetting blood up to a meter away.
  • Number 5 Porcupine: it's one animal that can really stick it to you; It raises its quills when threatened after it turns away
  • Number 4 Tarantula: can fire his barbed hairs like darts at any attacker
  • Number 3 Dog: can defend our bodies and our territories with aggressive and submissive behavior
  • Number 2 Termite: soldiers can defend with razor sharp jaws and fire a sticky, toxic spray at enemies
  • Number 1 Bees: they attack and don't hesitate to use their deadly defense