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Cheats of the fifth episode of season one

  • Number 10 Fox - has a reputation for coming up with sneaky solutions to difficult problems
  • Number 9 Rat - cheats everything including death; cheats us out of food and money (estimated at 19 billion dollars) thanks to its cunning, speed, and agility
  • Number 8 Chameleon - has a long sticky tongue and is a master of changing its color slightly to suit its mood
  • Number 7 Caterpillar - has a vast array of tricks to fool hungry predators including disguising itself as poop, stealing poisons from the plants they eat, pretending to be something tougher, and becoming a killer
  • Number 5 Firefly - mimics the flashing of males to attract one and eat them when they least expect it.
  • Number 4 Hanuman Monkey - became terrible thieves because they take advantage of their divine protection and human's religious beliefs
  • Number 3 Opossum - will play dead when in troubled
  • Number 2 Orangutan - its intelligence makes it a very clever ape, including Fu Manchu of the Omaha Zoo
  • Number 1 Cuckoo - Capones of the bird world; lays an egg of a reed warbler after getting rid of it and when it hatches, it gets rid of its siblings and eats its foster parents out of house and home; "Take care of my baby, or suffer the consequences"