Caterpillars are on 6 different episodes, and are #1 on Gluttons, #7 on Cheats, #4 on Disguise, #7 on Athletes (Skipper Caterpillar), #2 on Odd Couples (paired with a tree ant), and #3 on Transformers. According to the Gluttons episode, of our baby ate at the same rate as a caterpillar rate from when it is born, they will eat the equivalent of three blue whales in only a week, and be heavier than the statue of liberty. Caterpillars eat 1000 times their own body weight in leaves and vegetation. They are on both Cheats and Disguise for the same reason, their disguising abilities are amazing. According to Cheats, some species of caterpillar disguise themselves as bird poop, others disguise them selves as fuss, others even disguise themselves as a miniature snake. The ultimate disguise of them all however, is a caterpillar that disguises its self as a leave and is actually a predator. They are also on Transformers for obvious reasons, as they can transform themselves into a butterfly. The skipper caterpillar is on Athletes for being able to fling their poo from their butts. And the Caterpillar paired with a tree ant is a type of caterpillar that releases pheromones to trick the tree ant into being its body guard, and in return it gives the tree ant food.

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