Big Mouths is the eighth episode of season three

  • Number 10 Elephant - has a very big mouth and the largest molars on the planet; Mouth is only 1% of its body
  • Number 9 Giant Anteater - what it lacks in width, it makes up for in extraordinary length; its tongue can be 1/2 a meter long when stocked outside its snout
  • Number 8 Snake - have to swallow their prey whole; the width of their jaws may only be a fraction of the length of its body but they can enlarge its mouth's size; it can open its mouth 150 degrees
  • Number 7 Pelican - its mouth has an expandable pouch that can hold in three times more fluid than its stomach and they advertise their pouches for their availability
  • Number 6 Crocodile - almost 1/6 of their body is mouth (15% mouth to body ratio)
  • Number 5 Whale Shark - can have a 1.2 meter mouth on a seven and a half meter body (16% mouth to body ratio)
  • Number 4 Hippopotamus - its mouth stretches more than a meter and extends past 150 degrees
  • Number 3 Whale - in proportion to the rest of its body, its mouth may only be 20% of its total length
  • Number 2 Anglerfish - some species have a mouth to body length ratio of over 30% and can expand its volume by 12 times in less than 6000th of a second
  • Number 1 Argentine Wide-Mouthed Frog - when it takes a bite out of something, it doesn't let go; mouth makes up half of its body which is about 50%.