Athletes is the seventeenth episode of season three

  • Number 10 Gannet - When they go fishing, they dive headfirst into the sea from over 30 meters in the air. Animal equivalent of a high diver.
  • Number 9 Muskox - it can survive a head-on collision at about 50 kilometers per hour. Animal equivalent of a football player.
  • Number 8 Cheetah - when they are out hunting, they can move at over 95 kilometers per hour. Animal equivalent of Olympic sprinter.
  • Number 7 Small Skipper - can fire feces at 1.5 meters as a use of self-defense by holding the ball between their buttocks then after increasing its blood pressure, ejects the shot equivalent to 40 times own body length. Animal equivalent of a shot put athlete.
  • Number 6 Elephant Shrew - can hit nearly 20 kilometers per hour by using its own race track it uses every hour in Africa. Animal equivalent of a middle-distance runner.
  • Number 5 Gorillas - they are 8 times stronger than any human because they need to be to defend their family and territory from other gorillas. Animal equivalent of a Olympic weight lifer.
  • Number 4 Klipspringer - can stand, walk, leap, and land on their tiny, hooved tips and can avoid capture by shedding some of its fur coat. Animal equivalent of a high jumper.
  • Number 3 Sailfish - it can move through the water at speeds in excess of 109 kilometers per hour. Animal equivalent of an Olympic swimmer.
  • Number 2 Sperm Whale - With just a single breathe of air, it can dive at least 20 times deeper than any human. Animal equivalent of sports diver.
  • Number 1 Arctic Tern - travels from one side of the planet to the other every year for more than 20 years motivated by hunger. Animal equivalent of a marathon runner.