Ants are on 4 different episodes, and are #1 on Fighters #6 on Living Dead, #2 on Weird Weapons, #3 on Cleaners and #6 on Monsters. Ants in general are extreme fighters. They will fight off, not only other species of ant, but also colonies will fight off members off their own species. Any animal that gets in the way, including humans are killed. They have remarkable cleaning fluids that can kill any yeast. They also try to keep the fungus underground clean. They can clear away any yeast very easily. There is also a parasite that can hack the ants brain. The parasite makes it cling to the tip of a grass, where it well stay for up to 8 weeks. It waits to be eaten by a rabbit. It then turns into a cyst, and releases its eggs through the rabbit. However, they can only hatch if they are eaten by a snail. It then irritates the snail so the snail covers it with slime. It gets to the point where the snail has to cough up the slime ball. And snail snot just so happens to be the favorite food for the ant. The parasite goes back into the ants brain, and the cycle starts over again.

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